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Quinn Scheibal – Inner Landscapes

Quinn Scheibel PC 2014

Artist Reception: April 26 / 5-7 pm


Primitive, eclectic, narrative and whimsical; these are all words used to describe the art of Quinn Scheibal. His process begins with finding reclaimed wood. He wanders the countryside of Napa, Sonoma and Mendocino counties, in search of old wood from barns and fences to paint on. It all depends on what’s available. He begins to formulate an image while putting the piece together.

Following imagery that has a dream like quality, Quinn seeks to marry the rustic and primitive with the refined and ethereal. The combinations of those elements bring a nostalgic and mysterious feel to the paintings. Working with images and symbols we all share, many layers of paint and varnish are applied, making each painting a deep and textural experience. Common themes of boats, flowers, landscape and portraits, at times become allegorical. More than simple paintings or objects of art, Quinn’s pieces are liken to the stuff of life; companions on one’s journey.

 “My greatest hope is that the viewer will find a personal meaning that speaks both to the mind and the heart. This is my attempt to bring harmony and validation to each persons inner mythology.”

Quinn is constantly in creative process. He is a self-taught painter who is influenced by early American folk art, myth, symbolism and storytelling.  His personal painting technique comes in part from studying early American faux finishing. Born and raised in San Francisco, he now resides with his wife and two children in Healdsburg, CA.


Josie Iselin – The Secret Life of Seaweed

Josie Iselin PC 2014 0212 (dragged)

Artist Reception: March 15 / 5-7 pm

Artist talk & Book Signing:

March 29 / 4-5:30 pm


Josie Iselin is a photographer who has forgone the use of a camera; she instead employs the use of a flatbed scanner to create her stunning images. Her passion for natural treasure, found along the Northern California coastline, is evident in several published books. Majority of images presented in this exhibit are featured in her newly released “An Ocean Garden: The Secret Life of Seaweed.”

Josie’s fascination with Northern California sea vegetation first began 2009. While out on Duxbury Reef, she held a scrap of seaweed up to the sky and was wowed by its brilliant color and strength of form. Later that year she brought home a jumbled wrack and began experimenting with the specimen on her scanner. The resulting portraits reveal the remarkable, largely unseen, organisms in strong form and glorious translucent color. These portraits bring the traditional pressed seaweed specimen, invaluable to scientists and beloved by collectors, into a contemporary format. They provide a nexus where art and the natural world converge.

Josie Iselin is a photographer, writer, and book designer with six previous books to her credit, including Beach Stones, Heart Stones, and Beach: A Book of Treasure. Her seventh book, An Ocean Garden: The Secret Life of Seaweed has just been released by Abrams. She holds a B.A. in Visual and Environmental Studies from Harvard College and an M.F.A from San Francisco State University. Iselin’s large format prints are shown throughout California and Maine. Iselin lives and works in San Francisco, where she walks the beach often.

Sawyer Rose – Dusk to Dawn

Sawyer Rose - Dusk to Dawn

Artist Reception:  January 25/ 5-7 pm

We are pleased to welcome the return of Bay Area mixed media artist Sawyer Rose. In her second solo exhibit, at Inclusions, Sawyer continues her exploration of California native plants with an emphasis on plant life at night.

Sawyer creates her enchanting lightboxes by building up layers in thick architectural glass, specially treated mylar, India ink, copper and solder. She then employes the use of tiny LED lights that give the viewer an impression of glowing fireflies or twinkling stars. Using a soldering iron, much like a paintbrush, she also creates bold graphic textured paintings composed of burnished solder and richly colored oils on wood panel.

As with her last exhibit, Sawyer will be donating 5% of proceeds to the California Native Plant Society from pieces depicting threatened or endangered species.

Retrospective 6

Inclusions Retrospective 6 2013 1115 FINALRetrospective 6,  is an overview of all the exhibits held at Inclusions during 2013. If you missed any of this years offerings, this is a great opportunity to view new and revisited works by artists Richard Nyhagen, Jenny Robinson, Jenny Phillips, Carrie Ann Plank, Susan West, Pauline Crowther Scott, John Gruenwald, David Avery, Aaron Zube, Darren Samuelson, Sarah M. Newton and April Hankins.

On Thursday December 5th, please join us for a festive evening as we celebrate our 6th anniversary. Tony Ferrari & Jonathan Sutton of the Hillside Supper Club will be serving up small bites. There will be live music and plenty of cheer to go around. Come and raise a glass with us!

Inclusions 5: Bernal Heights Artists

Inclusions 5 8.5 x 11 FINAL

Artist reception: November 3/ 4-6 pm

This year marks our 5th annual exhibit dedicated exclusively to art created by Bernal Heights residents. This year’s exhibit features the work of 25 artists. The original works are diverse in subject matter and medium including: oil, encaustic, acrylic, gouache and mixed media paintings, lithography and metal plate etching prints, platinum and silver gelatin print photography, and collage. The diversity of the work on display and number of pieces make for quite a dynamic show. It’s wonderful opportunity to catch a glimpse of the immense talent and creativity within the Bernal Heights community.

D. Richard Nyhagen – Scratch the Surface

Rich Nyhageb 2013 0830 POSTER

Reception: Saturday September 14 / 5-7 pm

Artist Talk: Thursday October 3 / 7-8 pm

San Francisco artist Richard Nyhagen finds inspiration for his work in the rapidly changing urban environment that surrounds him. The photographic imagery that serves as the basis his work often depicts old, time weathered structures that show a rich history in the degradation of complex surface textures. While very contemporary in presentation his work evokes a strong sense of place and a distinct feeling of nostalgia.

Richard Nyhagen has been living and working in San Francisco since 1987.  He received his MFA in Printmaking from San Francisco State University in May, 1995.  He has taught screen-printing in San Francisco and Vienna, Austria and currently teaches screen-printing at City College of San Francisco at both the Fort Mason and Phelan Campus’.  All images are mixed media using screen-printing on various substrates including wood, aluminum, and plexiglass.

Darren Samuelson: Other Vantages

Darren 2013 0708 POSTER

Artist reception: July 27 / 5:00 – 7:00 pm

Artist talk: August 15 / 7:00 – 8:00 pm

In his third solo exhibit, photographer Darren Samuelson expands his focus to include photographs of places outside The Bay Area, using an array of photographic techniques. As in previous shows, Darren is interested in depicting familiar subjects from unfamiliar perspectives and inviting the viewer to experience a different set of responses than might have been. In these images, a decaying train station invites thoughts of once urgent, and long forgotten itineraries. An empty church might spur musings about the activity of its absent congregation: Will they be there Sunday, or did they move on months or decades ago? A railing intrudes on a picturesque view of Niagara Falls– and suddenly the familiar subject invites thoughts about the fragility of human life; people’s awkward, at times humorous engagement with natural beauty; and the creation of a nostalgic icon through a hundred years of postcards, paperweights and snapshots. These images remove people from view, but also suggest the presence of the photographer and the viewer as witnesses and participants.

Samuelson’s interest in antiquated and often challenging photographic techniques dovetails with these themes. He is curious about how the relative ease or difficulty of producing an image can affect how the photographer creates that image. The complexity of his process is what affords him the opportunity to make creative choices in every step toward the final image of a place. In an era of ubiquitous digital photography and digital techniques that often nostalgically mimic film, Darren’s choice to photograph familiar places with hand-built or timeworn equipment and laborious processes results in images that subtly displace the viewer in time and space in order to offer new vantage points.

5 Printmakers: Avery, Gruenwald, Newton, Plank, Robinson

5 Printmakers 8.5 x 11

Artist Reception: June 29 / 5-7 pm

Inclusions is pleased to present select works by five prestigious San Francisco printmakers. The intention of this exhibit is to bring attention to the fine art medium of printmaking. Each accomplished artist works with incredible skill using a variety of printmaking techniques. Featured works include: Metal plate etchings by award winning printmaker David Avery, stone lithography by master printmaker John Gruenwald, drypoint and aquatint etchings by Sarah M. Newton, combination lithography, monotype and silkscreen  by Carrie Ann Plank, large and small scale monoprints by Jenny Robinson.

Jenny Phillips – Wax, Paper, Scissors

 Artist Reception: May 11 / 5-7 pm

Jenny Phillips’ work centers on feeling, rather than ideology. Drawn to quietness, subtlety and understatement, her pieces evoke the mood and luminosity that coastal light and organic form inspire. With the interplay of linework, texture and subtle color, her work achieves a balance in simplicity of expression and the rich sensory qualities of encaustic wax.

Jenny has been painting and printmaking for 30 years. She grew up in Eastern Long Island and New York City. Having spent her formative years working as a graphic designer at the Brooklyn Academy of Music, the combination of theater, dance and music continue to inform her work. A graphic designer by trade, Jenny worked with a variety of design firms before moving to San Francisco, where she launched her own studio. She works and lives in Bernal Heights with her husband and two children.

Over the past four years Jenny has successfully shown her work, in a number of group shows, at Inclusions Gallery. This is her first solo exhibit.

April Hankins – Listening, Seeing

Opening Reception: March 23 / 5-7 pm

Artist Talk: April 4 / 7-8 pm

April Hankins’ abstract work is spontaneous, strong in color, and adventurous in mark and gesture. Her paintings evoke a distinct sense of place, tangentially referencing locale with an evolved and complex palette.

Prior to receiving her BFA from Massachusetts College of Art, April Hankins took time from studio practice to initiate and direct the Boston exhibition of Judy Chicago’s “The Dinner Party,” now permanently housed at the Brooklyn Museum.

For her work in the Yale School of Art MFA program, Hankins was awarded the Ely Harwood Schless Memorial Prize for excellence in painting. Subsequently, she has been twice nominated for an award in painting by the American Academy of Arts and Letters.

Hankins work is in the museum collections of Yale and Harvard Universities, as well as the print collection of The New York Public Library. Her paintings are in the corporate collections of Pfizer, Inc., and most recently, Host Marriott.

Invited by Le Genie de la Bastille Parisian, Hankins traveled to Paris with a selection of paintings to participate in the collective’s open studios. Upon returning she used photographs taken during her three- week visit to create abstract collages capturing the uniquely beautiful light of Paris.

Through Isha yoga Hankins has learned meditation and traveled twice to South India for intensive practice. The artist observes that meditation increases her awareness of a quiet distancing from thought and perception, in striking contrast to an isolating sense of self, adding an intrinsic dimensionality to her work.

Having lived and worked in San Francisco for over a decade, Hankins’ painting reflects Northern California’s distinctive light and color. Frequent travel provides a contrast of density and mood, further informing her work. Hankins’ process of painting accommodates an altered sense of space, and her painting has become direct, unpredictable and surprising.


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