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Expanded Works is comprised of three Bernal Heights resident artist’s work. Each had shown a very limited, but well received, number of pieces in last October’s show, Inclusions 4 – Art From Within Bernal Heights. We are pleased to have each of them back, offering a much larger selection for you to explore and enjoy.

Pauline Crowther Scott is showing from her latest series, Gardens, Paper Patterns and Structures. Pauline has moved away from painting on canvas and is now layering mixed media on paper. TheĀ themes of her work range from organic to geometric. She is implementing use of acrylic paint, tape, stencils color pencil, even linoleum printing. From intimate garden views to a widening scope, including views of the city bridges, her vibrant pieces evoke a sense of familiarity with the neighborhood in which she lives.

Matt Scaroni is showing a series of multi-dimensional photographs. Each piece starts out as a single image. With his eye drawn to spatial contrasts and overlapping elements, Matt hand cuts the image into layers and repositions them back together, leaving spaces between. The layering and depth he achieves with the process help to convey what it is that he likes about the subject, and creates a distinct perspective, which is the signature element of his work.

Susan West is showing photographic images from her Pattern andĀ Two or Three series. With Pattern, Susan chooses several related and strongly graphic images and uses various rules or forms of chance to decide the arrangement and orientation of the images. Though random, the result is harmonious while strikingly graphic. With Two or Three, she chooses atmospheric imagery, all taken under odd weather conditions. She then pairs them together so that the images play off one another creating a dialogue, often reinforcing their atmospheric power.

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