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Retrospective 10


Opening Reception / Anniversary Celebration: December 7 / 6-9 pm

Join us for the opening of our annual year end retrospective exhibition. This year is extra special because it marks our 10th year serving the local artist & maker communities. The gallery will be brimming with fine art & handmade jewelry by over 40 bay area artists (and a few beyond). Come raise a glass & celebrate with us!

Featured Artists: Qire Ching | Ivy Jacobsen | Colette Crutcher | Natasha Dikareva | Leslie Lowinger | Derek Lynch | Jenny Wantuch | Bruce Katz | Larry Morace | Heidi McDowell | Robert Armstrong | Deborah Caperton | Peter Arvidson

Featured Jewelers: Owen McInerney | Raissa Bump | Stephany Hitchcock | Deborah Caperton | Sakura Haru | Stephen Dove | Jenn Carroll Wilson | Shellie Markee | Marcy Kentz | Jenny Windler | Anna Andersson | Vanessa Gade | Stefanie Wolf | Eko Wright | Denise Heffernan | Samantha Grisdale | Diane Dewey | Erika Honig | Vanessa Mellet | Suga | Kathleen Maley

Additional works by: Kim Smith | David Avery | Sarah Newton | Carrie Ann Plank | Mark Faigenbaum| Jenny Robinson | Susan West | Natasha Juelicher

Peter Arvidson


Opening Reception: October 28 / 4-6 pm

Join us in welcoming back to the gallery Cambridge, MA artists Peter Arvidson. Peter has been showing his work at Inclusions since our very first exhibition in late 2007. Since then, we’ve had the great pleasure of placing many his distinctive oil paintings, in a number of west coast dwellings, and beyond.

Reveries – “a state of being pleasantly lost in one’s thoughts; a daydream, a trance, musings…” and also the title of Peter Arvidson’s exhibit of new paintings at Inclusions Gallery. Arvidson’s works have always displayed a developed sense of color as well as a sophistication with color harmonies. His recent pieces in this exhibition tend toward his “colorfield” series of purely abstract works on canvas and wood panels. These pieces range in size from 6″ x 6″ up to 40″ x 40″ and are designed in loose grids and concentric squares that are often monochromatic with related colors gently introduced and juxtaposed. Some of these paintings evoke horizons and landscapes, while others tend toward musical and life rhythms. For the artist, creating these works is a meditative process with concentration on the the nuances of color harmony and repetitive mark-making. He hopes the viewers of these paintings can also take the time to experience a sense of solace and peace.

Peter Arvidson was born in New York and currently lives in Cambridge, MA. He holds an MFA in Painting from the University at Buffalo. His works are in private collections around the world. He will have his first international solo exhibit in Tokyo in 2018.

Botanicals Rediscovered, early works by Derek Lynch

September 23 – October 21, 2017

Opening Reception: September 23 / 5-7 pm

When Derek Lynch moved from New York City to San Francisco, in the mid 90s, he was immediately taken by the bounty and diversity of nature around the bay area. By the late 90s he began experimenting, incorporating found plant matter into his work. He developed an intaglio process of sorts, combining plants, many layers of acrylic medium, with drawing and surface scratching. The results are captivating multi layered pieces, on canvas and paper, ranging widely in scale and density of medium. Some of the pieces are likened to peering into a frozen pond or fossil bed, while others evoke ethereal landscapes or well patinaed frescos. All are rich in color and texture, some involving elements of drawing and or pattern making in the background; with surprisingly modern elements.

Though the subject of Derek’s most recent work is based primarily on architecture and the urban landscape of San Francisco, as seen earlier this year in his solo exhibit entitled, State of Being, there is one constant through out; a deep affection for his sense of place. We’re delighted to present this series of earlier works for you to enjoy.

Derek Lynch was born in Englewood, NJ and currently lives and works in San Francisco. He graduated from the School of Visual Arts in New York City in the early 80’s. He was mentored by artists Frank Owen, John Seery, Francesco Clemente, and Sandro Chia. His work has been featured throughout the Bay Area in prestigious solo and group exhibitions. He is the recipient of numerous grants and awards.

Heidi McDowell

Show Extended Through September 17th

Closing Reception: September 17 / 4-6 pm

Opening reception: August 12 / 5-7 pm

Artist talk: August 17 / 6:30 pm

Please join us for the opening of “Drawing Paintings Painting Drawings,” a solo exhibition of new and recent works by San Francisco artist Heidi McDowell. We have had the pleasure of showing a number of Heidi’s monoprint, drypoint etchings in previous exhibits and are thrilled to show this exciting new group of drawings and paintings.

We encourage you to attend Heidi’s artist talk on August 17th. This is a wonderful opportunity to gain insight into her work, hear more about her process and inspiration behind this current series. We are so looking forward to this event and hope you’ll join us.

Artist Statement:
Rooted in the tradition of landscape painting, my work explores our contemporary relationship to the natural world as it is shaped by digital media and car culture.

I’ve recently begun to explore drawing as a complement to my primary studio practice, photorealistic oil painting. To make a gestural drawing with charcoal and pastel, one must relinquish a certain amount of control over detail and embrace the messiness and spontaneity inherent to this kind of mark making. It is a breath of fresh air for me in the studio. No longer just a respite from the tightness of photorealism, drawing now energizes my painting process, loosening it and making room for play. Many of the drawings in this show were made from paintings in process, several of the paintings were made from drawings. Some of the drawings made from paintings made from drawings and on and on as the process becomes more and more interwoven.

Larry Morace, Jenny Wantuch and Bruce Katz

Vista POSTER 2017 0527

Artist reception: June 22 / 6-8 pm


In this group show we’ve brought together the work of three San Francisco painters who find their inspiration, whether urban or rural, in the landscape around them.

For Larry Morace the city remains a favorite subject. The pieces chosen for this show depict urban scenes in San Francisco bathed in the dramatic light of early morning or late afternoon. Larry takes queues from the “built in visual structure” of an urban setting. Geometric shapes emerge from contrasting shadow and light; and are combined with striking tonal color, capturing fleeting moments of city life.

Jenny Wantuch’s life long love of the natural world is evident in her dynamic landscape paintings. She often paints en plein air using those works as reference for larger studio pieces. Physically being in the elements, painting what she sees and feels is key to work. The pieces, included in this show, mostly depict water in both calm and energized states. Her color pallet is bold and the line work somewhat graphic, giving her landscapes a highly contemporary feel.

Bruce Katz has been painting and drawing from an early age. In recent years he he’s turned his focus to working directly from life whether his subject is landscape, city streets or still life. Bruce enjoys painting en plein air. The play of light and shadow, the juxtaposition of architectural forms against organic shapes, inform his compositions. The pieces being shown depict both familiar San Francisco street scenes and rural landscapes.


Robert Armstrong, Sawyer Rose & Deborah Caperton

Wood Metal POSTER 2017 0306

We are pleased to present the work of three talented Bay Area artists in our latest exhibit, Wood, Metal & Memory.

Robert Armstrong celebrates the beauty of nature in hand carved, birch wood panel, paintings. Plants, flowers, branches and naturally formed patterns are depicted in tactile silhouette, contrasted by saturated color. Organic patterns, found in the birch wood grain, play quietly in the background. The pieces employ a minimalist aesthetic engaging the eye with rich monochromatic color.

Sawyer Rose’s sculptural pieces and wall hangings are clad in layers of silver solder and copper. Using the texture of the metal as her primary mark-making medium, the liquefied silver morphs into what appears to be bark, feathers, or scales. She creates dimension by placing raised beads of solder on the surface or by soldering cut forms to the main structure. Each piece has a rich patina with burnished high points that catch the light and glow.

Deborah Caperton creates curious assemblage with a combination of found objects and hand fabrications. The found objects are culled from a collection built by years of trolling flea markets, yard sales and saved gifted oddities. The objects chosen speak as metaphors or symbols in an unfolding narrative. When words are employed, they hint at instruction or direction to further engage the viewer in participation and discovery. The work can be humorous and playful as well as melancholic or ironic.

Each artist has shown work in numerous exhibits around the Bay Area and all have shown, with us, in previous gallery exhibits. Sawyer Rose has had two prior solo exhibits. Both Robert Armstrong and Deborah Caperton, who are Bernal Heights residents, have participated in prior group shows. Deborah Caperton is also a jeweler. We’ve proudly shown her evolving line of nature inspired adornment for nearly a decade.

Derek Lynch – State of Being

Derek Lynch

Show Held Over Through April 23rd

Meet Artist Derek Lynch during the closing weekend:  April 22, 12-7 pm & April 23, 12-6 pm. View additional works, including several newly completed pieces.

Derek Lynch creates urban-based idealize landscapes in dreamlike circumstances. His work merges the use of digital photography, painting, and architectural forms that focus primarily on San Francisco neighborhoods. The scenes depicted are familiar but slightly skewed by ambiguous relationships and unsettling juxtapositions of geographic locations. The outcome can be whimsical yet offers a serious sociopolitical commentary on the changes to our urban landscape.

Derek was born in Englewood, NJ and currently lives and works in San Francisco. He graduated from the School of Visual Arts in New York City in the early 80’s. He was mentored by artists Frank Owen, John Seery, Francesco Clemente, and Sandro Chia. His work has been featured throughout the Bay Area in prestigious solo and group exhibitions. He is the recipient of numerous grants and awards.






Artist reception: January 28 / 5-7 PM

Though our calendars tell us Spring is March 20th, in other places around the world, there are  numerous celebrations and customs that occur, from late January through early February, signifying the end of winter, fertility, prosperity, and longer days. Illuminate brings together the work of ten artists around themes of light and the coming of spring.

Ceramic artists Devorah Canter, Colette Crutcher, Natasha Dikareva, Maile Iwanaga, Shelley Simon and Barbara Vanderbeck have each created multiple works specifically for this show. The sculptural pieces serve as lanterns, candleholders or candelabras. They are both painstakingly hand built as well as wheel thrown, varying widely in size and styles ranging from whimsical, to industrial.

Qire Kiki Ching paints in layers of oil. Imagery, pattern and symbology seem to simultaneously appear and dissolve as we view them. Ivy Jacobsen creates a mystical atmosphere, in layers of oil paint and resin. She balances a sort of magic realism with the natural world. Leslie Lowinger is showing from her series,” Objects to Reduce Anxiety.” The large floral pieces are a combination of etching, embossing, drawing and hand painting. Adele Shaw is painting in both encaustic and acrylic, referring to her pieces as water portraits that are all about atmospheric light.

This show was co curated with San Francisco artist Ann Miller. It was she that sparked the idea that involved the creation of ceramic candelabras, bringing together a number of ceramicist to participate. Thank you Ann.


Retrospective 9


Anniversary Celebration: December 8 / 6-9 pm

Retrospective 9 features a selection of works by 14 San Francisco fine artists. If you missed an exhibit during the year, this is an excellent time to come take a look at a room full of incredible talent.  There are oil paintings by Linda Larson, aquatints and drawing by Sarah Newton, paintings and drawings by Kim Frohsin, drypoint monotypes by Heidi McDowell, oil and mixed media paintings by Catherine Mackey, original collage and prints by Kim Smith, watercolor paintings by Jeffery Roth, photography by Giselle Brewton, mixed media pieces by Pamela Lanza, acrylic and ink painting by Glenn Hirsch, encaustic and mixed media paintings by Jenny Phillips, copper plate etchings by David Avery, and original collage by Mark Faigenbaum.

The display cases are full of your favorite jewelers too: Anna Andersson, Deborah Caperton, Denise Heffernan, Diane Dewey, Eko Wright, Erika Honig, Jenny Windler, Marcy Kentz, Owen McInerney, Raissa Bump, Sakura Haru, Samantha Grisdale, Shelli Markee, Stefanie Wolf, Stephany Hitchcock, Stephen Dove, Suga, Vanessa Mellet, and Jenn Wilson.

As it goes with our annual retrospective shows, we’re having an anniversary celebration. Please join us on December 8th and raise a glass to our 9th year! We’ll have live music with jazz duo Gary Zellerbach & Carl Herder, many of the artists represented in the show will be there, along with gallery friends and neighbors. We look forward to celebrating with you.


Select 7: Bernal Heights Artists

select-7Artist Reception: October 20 / 6:30 – 8:30 PM

Once a year Inclusions Gallery curates a group show especially focused on the talented artists who call Bernal Heights home. In this year’s exhibit you’ll find an excellent offering of new and recent works by seven artists: Copper plate etchings by David Avery, Ink and acrylic paintings by Glenn Hirsch, Mixed media works by Pamela Lanza, Oil paintings by Linda Larson, Oil and Mixed media paintings by Catherine Mackey, Encaustic and Mixed media paintings by Jenny Phillips, and Oil paintings by Aaron Zube.

Please come meet the artists during a reception, Thursday October 20th from 6:30-8:30 PM. Light refreshements will be served. The exhibit runs through November 6th.


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